Salmon and Trout Fishing

Salmon and trout in abundance are a famous feature of the northern Highlands and a great attraction to anglers. The clear running streams and lochs in this part of Scotland are the natural home of brown trout. The sea trout, after two or three years in fresh waters in which it is hatched, gradually makes its way towards the sea, where it grows quickly, takes on a silvery skin, and returns to the river to spawn. The salmon follows a similar life history.
The Inver Lodge Hotel is the ideal centre for the angler, with some excellent salmon fishings on the Inver and Kirkaig rivers. The hotel also has access to boats on certain lochs around the area.

River Bookings are through CKD Galbraith on 01738 451600

The Upper and Lower Inver as well as being excellent for salmon fishing provides good sea trout fishing in the evenings, and with the addition of the Middle Inver there is plenty of choice for any angler.
The hotel has boats on four of the lochs, some of which contain sea trout and salmon. All the trout are wild brownies and excellent baskets are taken annually. There are also innumerable hill lochs available for those who enjoy a good walk in the Assynt area.

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