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Inver Lodge Hotel: A Hidden Gem within the North Coast 500 Route



On  the 29th April 1988 we opened our doors as a hotel. We've been one of Scotland's hidden gems ever since, a family-owned hotel for generations with strong links to Scotland's history and past.

Inver Lodge Hotel is very proud to be within the North Coast 500 route, our guests and visitors are fortunate to experience some of the world's most breathtaking views as they travel to us from anywhere in Scotland . We are set amid one of the last great unspoiled wildernesses in Europe where you can regularly come across large herds of deer, majestic birds of prey and varied wildlife.

We are not an average hotel, everything we do is to make sure that when you come through our front door, you feel you are coming back home. Genuine warm hospitality is at the heart of what we do, it is our purpose and passion. We want you to come to our hotel to relax and recharge, to feel connected to the incredible natural environment surrounding us, to be amazed at the local produce we very carefully pick and the work of the people who supply them to us.  We want you to feel that sharing our region and passion with you is important to us and that your visit matters. We want you to leave inspired and use all our region offers to boost your day to day life after you leave. 

We can't really think of many hotels where guests can say that they have had the chance to see Atlantic seals in the harbour, golden eagles over the mountains, red deer on the moorland and leaping salmon and darting brown trout in the rivers and lochs surrounding us.

From its hillside setting, the hotel looks down onto the quiet fishing village of Lochinver, and across the clear waters of the loch to the distant outline of the Western Isles.

The roaring log fire is the focal point of the relaxing foyer, where the guests come to enjoy afternoon tea, a quiet game of cards or after-dinner conversation before retiring for the night in one of our 21 rooms, all enjoying the same spectacular view.

The Inver Lodge Hotel may seem like another world and in many ways it is, but it is not difficult to reach! Regular flights between Inverness and London take just one and a half hours, a further two hours by car through beautiful Highland scenery will bring you to our door.