Fresh. Local. Hearty. Beautiful: The Best Local Produce Without Fuss

6We simply love our food.

We believe that the quality of our produce should always take centre stage when developing dishes. We use the freshest ingredients as they become available week by week so that every day our guests can enjoy the best of what our region has to offer. 


Eating at Inver Lodge Hotel feels wholesome. Our kitchen staff take so much pride in preparing delectable dishes that are visually stimulating without losing sight to the fact that after a long day enjoying the great outdoors, we want to enjoy something hearty and satisfying. 


Our steaks, salmon and game come from our owner's private estates, whose business provides exceptional quality produce to Her Majesty The Queen. 


You don't need to dress up to eat at Inver Lodge Hotel, when you are with us, we want you to be you. Our style of food reflects that, exceptional quality without fuss, we offer informal dining that you will remember, miss and want more of. 


We value our local suppliers and local community as much as we value our staff. We are constantly adding new tastes and ingredients to our dining experiences to mirror that, you will always taste and learn something new when you dine with us. 


Delicious bar meals are available all day. Dinner is served from 6pm to 9:30pm and you are welcome to our bar before and after! 


Bar Lunch Menu

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Dinner Menu

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